Starting Out - Nancy Chadwick
Crossing the Chobe

Testing the depth of the Chobe River before crossing.

I took this photo in Botswana in May of this year. This mother elephant is checking the water's depth before crossing with her young calf. We watched as they crossed and made it safely to the other side of the Chobe River.

Now I am beginning to cross into new territory with my camera. This month I turned my photography sharing website into this commercial website. I have done photography for many years. Our home is filled with photo albums documenting our lives. Videos too. Now I am going to offer my photography commercially. For me that means putting my images on my website for others to enjoy and hopefully to buy. I will continue to fill our family albums with our family's adventures too. I refer to myself hesitantly as a photographer, less hesitantly as a "new photographer". I find that the more I learn, the more I become aware of needing to learn.

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Starting Out

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